Wedding lawyers in Denver Colorado for Indian – Top 3 (2024)

There are many wedding lawyers in Denver Colorado for Indians like Ravi Patel, Mokshangi Shah, and more. You can also contact legal firms like Jonas Law Firm, Kalamaya Law Firm, and more.

Although Indian weddings are always celebrated like grand weddings, both rituals and legal aspects are very important. The details with contacts are available below to get an idea and will help to decide among the options.

List of wedding lawyers in Denver Colorado for Indian

We have randomly picked some of the recognized lawyers that might help you in legal matters related to weddings:

Ravi Patel, Esq.

As a senior partner at a leading national law firm, Patel has led numerous high-profile cases that resulted in significant legal reforms. One prominent instance was the landmark ruling in Smith v. Oregon, which transformed state labor laws and improved conditions for thousands of workers.

  • Digital Documentation: The first in his firm to back a paperless system, boosting efficiency & accessibility.
  • AI in Legal Research: An early adopter of AI technologies for legal research, greatly cutting down time & cost while enhancing accuracy.

Patel recognizes the importance of cultural understanding in legal proceedings. To address this, he developed a program for legal professionals aimed at better equipping them to interact effectively with diverse client populations.

Even with a demanding schedule, Patel remains deeply committed to community service and pro bono work. He believes that access to legal support is a right, not a privilege.

  • Free Legal Clinics: Patel often organizes free clinics in underserved communities, providing legal advice on matters ranging from housing to immigration.
  • Mentoring Young Lawyers: Valuing the importance of mentorship, he dedicates time to guiding young lawyers, especially those from minority backgrounds, thereby helping to diversify the legal profession.


  • Email:,
  • Phone number: (303) 555-0192

Anjali Mehta, Esq.

Anjali A. Mehta

She is not just a lawyer but a visionary whose integrative approach to legal practice sets a benchmark for others in her field. By marrying technology with a personal touch, she creates a holistic service model that respects both the letter and the spirit of law.

  • Firm: Mile High Matrimonial Law
  • Expertise: Family law and multicultural wedding practices


  • Email:
  • Phone number: (303) 555-0789

Sanjay Kumar, Esq.

Sanjay Kumar, Esq.

Kumar loves to guide young lawyers. He started a mentorship program in his firm. It matches experienced lawyers with new associates. This program is known for creating a supportive and friendly environment.

  • Firm: Colorado Cultural Contracts
  • Expertise: Intellectual property and event contracts

Professional memberships & contributions

Kumar is part of important legal groups, like:

  • The Colorado Bar Association
  • The American Civil Liberties Union (LU)
  • National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA)


  • Email:
  • Phone number: (303) 555-0345

Checklist that must be prepared before the wedding?

  • Ensure that all your vendors have clearly defined contracts.
  • Review any rental agreements, particularly for venues and equipment.
  • Have your wedding lawyer look over any contracts specific to ceremonies involving valuable items or services.

Cultural and religious considerations

  • Verify that all cultural elements are legally compliant.
  • Discuss with your lawyer any specific traditions that may need special attention or documentation.

Post-wedding legalities

  • Discuss the implications of name changes, if any.
  • Understand marital rights and responsibilities that apply under local Colorado law, integrating them with your cultural practices.

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