Courtney Shields boyfriend – A Podcaster & Multimillionaire?

Who is Courtney Shields boyfriend? As per the latest news, a well-known businessman and CEO of Wavesports named Ishan Sutaria is her boyfriend.

When talking about Courtney Shield, no single term can define the celebrity because she has embarked on her journey in many diverse fields like actress, songwriter, social media influencer, entrepreneur, social media star, and many more. This actress came into the limelight for her acting skills in different series and movies. 

Today’s generation knows her from her blogs about skincare, fashion, and many such blogging content. She is also known for singing and releasing two songs, “Miss You Sometimes and Messy.” Like many audiences, her fans are also interested in knowing what’s happening in her personal life after she got separated from her fiance. Let’s know more about her personal and what Courtney Shields boyfriend is doing for a living.

About Courtney Shield

Currently, Courtney is known for her fashion, lifestyle, makeup, hair, and many more blogging. She has a great voice and tried her luck in acting. She released two albums known as, which she performed by herself. The actress is best known for finding the silver lining, which means getting the best results even in the worst situation. 

Courtney Shield is also highly talked about for her weight loss journey, where she uploads her journey every day and lets the audience know about her diet plan and workout to achieve a toned body. The actress lost 1-2 pounds weekly, and the audience couldn’t stop ignoring her. The number of followers started increasing just after she started filming her everyday journey for all audiences looking for such tips. 

She provided simple workouts and balanced diets in her diet chart that the nutritionist-approved. When we talk about the overall journey of this star, we can’t forget this actress is also an entrepreneur and has a business dedicated to clothing and makeup.  


Full name Courtney shields
DOB Oct 6 1987
 Oct 6, 1987 $8-12 million
Height 5.3”
Weight 50
Nationality American
Relationship status Divorced
Famous for Acting, singing,blogging
Boyfriend Acting, singing, blogging
Education Graduated in Music

Early Life/Career

  • This actress was born in New York City, and she graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2011.
  • Her career started as a musician, after which she tried her hands in many different fields, such as acting and blogging.
  • Courtney Shield’s personal life has been away from the media, and she was rarely spotted taking the names of any of her family members.
  • She also married Alex Albright and details of their relationship are only known to some once Courtney announced divorce from her ex-husband. 
  • Alex was a businessman in medical supplies. The wedding was grand, as per the sources and the photos that came out, but after sharing a long-term relationship, they gave birth to Kinsley Shield Albright, after which the couple decided to separate themselves. But there is no proper response that came out for their separation. 


  • When we searched about the star, the internet first showed us that Courtney Shield is best at finding the silver lining. 
  • The actress started her career as a singer after she graduated from music school and went ahead with her acting skills.
  • The actress’s name began to rise after she started blogging as an internet influencer with her daily lifestyle, clothing, diet, and workout. 
  • Courtney has her channel on Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms, where she earns pretty well.
  • Over Instagram, Courtney has 290,000 followers, after which many international brands collaborated with her for advertisement. 


After much research, we couldn’t find any such big controversial news against the star except her breaking up and separation news from her ex-husband and boyfriend, which has got audiences wondering about her reasons for frequently breaking relationships. 

After some news, Shield took her Instagram to talk about her breakup in which she stated that “love wasn’t enough to keep the relationship,” but no such personal details that the actress has shared.

Who is Courtney Shields boyfriend?

After Courtney Shield’s divorce, she started dating in 2020 to businessman Ishaan Sutaria. After dating for several months, they both decided to get engaged. The star has shared many pictures of her and her boyfriend on their Instagram handle, which made us wonder about the inside story. 

Ishan Sutaria is the founder of Wave Sports, which is an entertainment channel known for broadcasting sports events. He runs multiple businesses from his podcasts, too. Sutaria was also the former Analytics lead at Rocket Fuel. He is best known for significantly impacting television and making a brand in the Sports industry in less than two years. But in 2021, Courtney and Ishan separated, after which the actress’s dating life is still away from the public’s knowledge. Apart from being an ex of Courtney Shields boyfriend let’s find out more about him.

Ishan Sutaria’s Bio

Full nameIshan Sutaria
DOBIshan Sutaria’s Net worth
Ishan Sutaria Net worth $2.6 million
Height 5”10
Weigh 71
Nationality Indian
Relationship status Not Found
Famous for Ceo of wavesports
Education Graduated in Business

Ishan’s Achievements

Ishan Sutaria is a well-known face in the sports entertainment industry as he is the CEO of Wavesports. He also runs his podcasts, where he is the lead face. He was also the lead Analytics in Rocket Fuel. In this technology-based company, he has developed many applications for hockey, soccer, and cricket, primarily for sports and entertainment. 

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