Haleyybaylee apology? I am sorry, and had no intentions?

TikTok influencer Haleyybaylee apologies for her recent “Let them eat cake” remark. She faced a severe backlash not only from her fans but also from other users. Here is the full matter:

What happened?

Haleyybaylee apology (real name – Haley Kalil). The huge TikTok star totally went viral for the worst reason. Her video felt like a punch in the gut for anyone struggling. Here she was at this fancy gala flaunting wealth and clothes that could feed a family for a year while people were just trying to survive with all the craziness in the world, she basically said, let them eat cake, which is like the

 ultimate way to insult people who are starving. No wonder everyone flipped out. She scrambled to take it down and apologize, but it felt totally insincere to some fans. It just doesn’t make sense. Millions of followers and then claiming she’s not elite. Plus, her rent is insane. Like $17,000 a month. Talk about adding fuel to the fire. Now everyone’s blocking.

Current boyfriend of HaleyyBaylee is?

Here is the full apology message for her fans and for those whose sentiments are hurt by Haleyybaylee:

“Hey guys I know what a lot of you guys want from me right now is answers and I want nothing more than to give them to you so hopefully I can answer every question that you have about what happened on Monday night about a week and a half before the Met Gala I was contacted by E to see if I had any interest in being a Prem Gala host there are usually three hotels that celebrities leave from to go to the Met Gala I was stationed at what’s called The Mark

I was supposed to do content with celebrities and on air about their departures to the met the Met is one of the most exclusive events in all of fashion you have have to be handpicked by Anna winter herself to go that’s the only way that you get there I was not I was not invited by Anna winter little

I have idolized the met I love the costumes and the design and it has always been one of my biggest dreams to be invited to attend after entering content creation I was told that those dreams are nearly impossible if you are not in one of the inner Circles of fashion so when reached out to me with interest in being a pre gah host

I immediately said yes because I just wanted to get even remotely close to it just to like see the thing I had idolized for so long I was at the Mark which is on 77th Street and the Metropolitan Museum is on 82th street so that’s about as close as I was allowed to get to the Met Gala people that you saw behind me in my videos were people that were lined up outside the mark to do the exact same thing as me which was get content with celebrities as they departed for the met the dress that I wore was made by hand by a friend Mark is one of my nearest and dearest friends I met him back when I was modeling and we just stayed friends so then when all of this red carpet stuff started happening for me

I reached out to him and he started to help me and and make dresses for me by hand out of literally the kindness of his own heart I have never paid him a scent he has never paid me we just work on the dresses together because we find it to be really fun every single dress I’ve worn on a carpet this year has all been made by hand by Mark I have not paid anyone anything I haven’t bought dresses I haven’t paid designers Mark is the only person that I have worked with Mark does not have a factory

Source: Youtube (video credit: @TheMovieShure)

Mark does not employ a bunch of people to work on these dresses every single dress he has made for me he has made by himself with no one else’s help by hand out of literally nothing more than the kindness of his own heart and he’s one of the only reasons I’ve even been able to do what I’ve done this year because I wouldn’t have had the dresses to go to these events if it hadn’t been for him this now brings me to the audio that I used for that particular video and first and foremost before I say anything I need to apologize

I am so so so sorry that I chose a sound that you guys could ever possibly feel was malicious in nature if I had thought for even one second that the sound would be received that way I never ever ever ever ever ever ever would have used it when I film my Tik toks I love to use trending audios and sounds that people are currently using and this was one of them the sound has been used in over 110,000 Tik Tok videos it’s the current trending audio of a glowup trend in the United States and abroad it’s also been used by different makeup artists in the last couple weeks to create Marie Antoinette looks let them meat [Music] cake it’s been used by big and small craters alike with no negative feedback or no negative discussion in the comments.

The sound Choice truly had no deeper meaning I never would have chosen a sound on purpose to highlight wealth disparity or elitism I never even thought it would be taken in that way because I wasn’t Elite enough to even be invited to them at G because I’m not Elite I’m a normal person my dumb self just used an audio that I thought was viral and trending and that people recognized from the Marie Antoinette 2006 movie let them meat cake I didn’t think that much into it and for that I am so sorry I did not do my due diligence like I’m so stupid because the things going on in the world today are weighing heavily on everyone’s Hearts innocent men women and children are dying people.

People do not have access to food and water people are being kicked out of their homes there are so many things going on in this world that are just wrong I know that this situation is very complex I also know that I don’t know the right thing to do or say a lot of the time which leads me to the question everyone is asking which is why don’t I talk about it and it’s simply because I am not informed enough to talk about it in a meaningful an educational way

I do not have the background knowledge to educate or discuss in a meaningful way I grew on social media as a comedy Creator and I love comedy I love making videos and that’s how I gained my platform but that doesn’t mean that the second I started gaining followers on the platform that I automatically knew the right thing to say when it came to world affairs or Wars or disputes or death or destruction or crisis

I still am just that same girl who wanted to post her first comedy video a year and a half ago on Tik Tok but I do know thatas somebody with a big platform it is my responsibility to always try to be a positive voice and to always try to better myself and be a good example for my audience because I never want to let them down at the end of the day

I want to make sure that my words are used for good and when I don’t think that I’m informed enough on a situation I try not to comment until I am confident that I am actually informed and the things that I’m saying are true if the pandemic taught me one thing it was that sometimes celebrities and creators need to sit down and be quiet so that other people’s voices can be magnified the people that are actually well educated and informed on the situation they’re the ones who should be speaking about it just because somebody has a following doesn’t mean they’re necessarily the right person to speak on the issue especially if they are ill informed or uninformed on that issue

I do all of this on my own I don’t have a fancy team that selects my sounds or edits my videos or posts my videos or writes the caption I don’t have aneditor I post everything myself everything that you see was probably filmed by either me or my boyfriend edited by me and then posted by me and sometimes I am dumb and sometimes I mess up sometimes I don’t correctly anticipate how people will react or feel to something and for that I am truly so so so so sorry it breaks my heart that a video that I posted has added to any of this it breaks my heart that a video that I posted has made anyone feel less seen or less heard so again from the bottom of my heart I am so sorry you do not have to accept my apology but just know that I am so sorry and I really hope that this sheds a light on all of these issues and opens up a very important discussion at the end of the day

I am glad though that an unintentional mistake has now been the Catalyst for discussing wealth inequality World crisis and will hopefully bring about the leaders whose voices should be heard in this and again I’m sorry it is my job as a content creator to apologize whenever I make anyone feel unseen or unheard even if it’s unintentional.”

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