Dove Cameron ex boyfriend Ryan Jerome McCartan

Dove Cameron Ex Boyfriend –  Reason of break up?

Dove Cameron ex boyfriend is Ryan McCartan, a well-known singer in the American industry. But what is the networth of Dove and Ryan, know all such facts in this article.

Dove, an actress, has acted in Disney movies and has been famous and recognized since. Apart from acting in films, she has also portrayed her acting skills in shows. Cameron is known for having a career in the music industry, too. Hailing from Washington, she married Wallace earlier, but they divorced later. Let us see more about her and her biography in the coming sections, along with the controversies, if any.

Biography (Dove Cameron)

Real NameChloe Celeste Hosterman
ProfessionHosterman is an actress.
Date of BirthJanuary 15th, 1996.
Net WorthIt is estimated to be $8 to $10 M.
HeightCeleste is 1.57m.
WeightDove is 52kgs.
NationalityChloe is an American.
Current BoyfriendAccording to the latest news, Cameron was dating Damiano David.
Famous forDove was prominently recognized for playing the role of Mal and for a sitcom that aired on Disney.
EducationHer education was perceived in the performing arts sector.

About the healthy lifestyle of Dove Cameron

Before we get into the details of Dove Cameron ex boyfriend, let us see about her health and how she maintains it. When you are recognized on a big scale in any industry, there is bound to be pressure, and it has a toll on your mental health, too.

Recently, Chloe opened up about her mental health and revealed that she has been going through depression. There was a discussion on suicide as well. Her moments were shared with her fans on social media platforms like Instagram.

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What is Dove Cameron’s net worth, and what does she do for a living?

  • Known for playing one of the leading roles in the film Maleficent, which also starred Angelina Jolie, Celeste is an actress and a singer.
  • Apart from the above movie, Dove is also appreciated for her acting skills in shows and acclaimed wide recognition for acting in Disney movies.
  • Her show Liv and Maddie had more than 5 Million views in the first episode. According to our research, her net worth is estimated to be between $8 million and $10 million. Her passion and hard work got her many fans and admirers. Coming to her personal life, Dove Cameron ex boyfriend and their relationship ended in 2020.

Early Life

Born in Bainbridge Island, Dove had an elder sister, and their parents were later separated. When she was a child, as young as eight years old, she started performing and portraying her skills. She aimed to secure and become successful in the entertainment industry.

During her schooling days, she was even bullied, but regardless, her perseverance and determination made her carve a niche for herself. During this process, Chloe lost her father, and, in his remembrance, her name was also changed.


  • Cameron got to act beside reputed personalities like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, etc.
  • Her show on the Disney channel made her known in the eyes of more than 5 million people as it was highly watched and was a huge success.
  • The song titled “Boyfriend” was released, which was a hit on TikTok, and it also got certified.
  • In 2022, she was even awarded the New Artist award.


  • Let us see the controversies now. There was a post on Instagram that made rounds in media when it was captioned toxic, indicating the relationship of Dove Cameron ex boyfriend – McCartan.
  • He made comments that they weren’t meant for each other. It was stated that their paths were different.
  • Another controversy was when her sexuality was revealed in public. Cameron was in the news when it was revealed that her fans would be taken aback and wouldn’t believe in her if she came out regarding her sexuality.
  • Though Chloe was never ready, the circumstances later favored her, where she could publicly announce herself to be Queer.

Who is Dove Cameron ex boyfriend?

Popularly known as “J.D.,” John McCartan is a singer in the American industry. He is even known to have a career in the musicals that were aired on Disney. John’s latest role was as Cletis in the year 2023.

John and Celeste started dating in 2013; however, due to unforeseen circumstances, they ended their relationship. They were together for almost three years, and they also put a ring on their bond, but it had to end eventually.

Biography (Ex)

Full NameRyan Jerome McCartan
Date of BirthJune 14th, 1993.
ProfessionThe singer is also known for acting.
Ryan Jerome McCartan networth$1 Million
Height1.85 m.
Weight80 kg.

What Ryan Jerome do for a living?

Ryan Jerome McCartan networth is over $1M, Jerome is an actor who started his profession in 2007. Much information is not available regarding his personal life. In Minnesota, his education was completed. He is known for playing the role of Heathers, which started being shown on Television in 2014.

Despite being successful, he opened up about his health and diabetes. There was an unfortunate experience that he went through when Ryan was young.


  • Best Performance was won in 2011 for his performance.
  • Jerome was also featured in a music video in 2021.
  • In 2014, his promotional single was also released.
  • He acted not only in movies but also in plays.


Regarding his personal life, his dating history with Chloe was controversial. On X, he accused his ex-girlfriend of cheating on him. During September and October 2020, after being together for three years, he revealed that they split.

On Instagram, he is followed by over 1M people, and Ryan posted a picture with a caption that has widely gained attention from his fans.

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