Travis Kelce ex girlfriend

Travis Kelce ex girlfriend – Rumored GF Taylor Swift?

Travis Kelce ex girlfriend and his dating, personal, and professional life. This article will give you insights into Travis Kelce’s personal life. Do read it until the end to know more about the football player.

Who is Travis Kelce?

Travis Kelce is a famous American football player who became interested in the game during college. He initially played for the college football team, where he deepened his interest in the game and decided to make a career out of it.

He started playing for the University of Cincinnati football team. He gained recognition and popularity in university with his excellent game skills. His game caught his peers’ attention, which motivated him to make a career out of it. His game gained him a prominent position on the university team.

Bio (Travis Michael)

Real name  Travis Michael Kelce
Profession  Football player
Date of birth  5th May 1989
Net worth  $ 40 million
Height  6’5
Weight  113 kgs
Nationality  American
Ex-girlfriend  Kayla Nicole
Famous for  National Football League

About the healthy lifestyle of Travis Kelce

  • Travis Kelce has a pretty good regime that he does not fail to follow.
  • He always motivated his fans to maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating healthy.
  • In every interview Kelce has given, he has always stressed how a person is essential and how the intake of protein and other nutrients is crucial in one’s diet.
  • Travis Kelce also mentioned how his day is incomplete without him working out.
  • The football player must work out daily to maintain his physique and stamina.

What is Travis Kelce net worth and what he do for a living?

  • As in the above section, we have mentioned that Travis Kelce’s net worth is over $40 M; he is not only a professional footballer but also invested in many businesses.
  • However, a fact point is that currently, Travis is dating his rumored girlfriend “Taylor Swift,” who has over 2 times his net worth.

Early life/career

  • Travis Kelce’s participation in and inclination towards his college football team showcased his interest in football. Kelce was very much involved in the game, making him secure the tight end position.
  • Demonstrating his football prowess at the university level, Kelce decided to turn his passion into a professional career and persisted in his pursuit.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs recognized his talent, selecting him in the National Football League draft, ultimately propelling Kelce into a successful and established football career.
  • In 2013, Travis Kelce was known to the world as a professional football player after being offered the tight end position in the Kansas Chief.


Travis Kelce has had prominent achievements in life that made him stand out. His achievements included participating in the National Football League and being distinguished as a top-tier player for his outstanding performance.

Due to his impressive tackling skills, he was given the tight end position in the game, where he outperformed his teammates. These skills of Travis Kelce gained him recognition and offers in various leagues and tournaments, such as the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl NIV.


There are no significant controversies that made headlines regarding Travis Kelce. However, he was all over the net for a few things, such as his statements in interviews, for which he faced a lot of negativity and criticism.

In 2016, Travis Kelce was asked to pay a penalty for his on-field behavior, which was inappropriate and against the code of conduct. His on-field behavior, celebrations, and gestures have been the talk of the town for quite some time.

Who is Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend?

  • Travis has dated many girls before, but here we will mention his much-talked ex-girlfriend name, Kayala Nicole, who graduated from Pepperdine University.
  • Nicole was fascinated by sports and worked as a sports journalist. During this time, she met Travis Kelce and fell in love in 2017.
  • She did not just work as a journalist and was a famous social media star. She was a fashion influencer with many followers on her social media handles.

Bio (Kayala)

Full name  Kayala Nicole
Profession  Fashion influencer and Sports Journalist
Net worth  $2 million
Height  5’10
Weight  55 kgs
Nationality  American
Education  Graduate in Broadcast journalism

Travis Kelce ex girlfriend list:

  • Maya Benberry (2016)
  • Kayla Nicole (2017 to 2022)
  • Zuri Hall (2022 to 2023)
  • Taylor Swift (2023)
  • What does Kayala Nicole do for a living?

Beginning her career as an assistant writer, Kayala Nicole later expanded her horizons, collaborating with renowned television networks like TMZ, Oprah Winfrey Network, and Malibu News. Her involvement in sports journalism brought her closer to Travis Kelce.

However, recent reports suggest that Kayala Nicole has transitioned into the role of a production assistant in her current professional endeavors. She also owns a sports brand that is quite popular in the United States, through which she earns money.


One of her achievements is launching her fitness brand named the Tribe Therepe. She launched the fitness brand in 2023, which was all about health. The brand promoted athleisure wear, an insight and guidance to fitness, at an affordable price. She was praised, and her brand was loved by people all over the United States.


Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend was all over the net during the break with the American footballer. There were rumors against her that she never shared finances with the footballer, and he alone bore the couple’s expenses. She was criticized and given negative labels due to this information.

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