How to pray when under spiritual attack 5 solutions

How to pray when under spiritual attack? 5 solutions

There are several beliefs and solutions on “how to pray when under spiritual attack” because prayer determines the connection between mind and soul. As per an Indian sage, Jaggi Vasudev, during such times, one has to chant their beloved god and follow the right principles.

 What is the cause?

It is due to overthinking such a habit which you want to have but is not getting due to unusual reasons. However, many believe that those who don’t want you to have good times and are always on the move to hurdle you. 

 How to pray when under spiritual attack?

  • The following remedies you can try to overcome such issues:
  • Wake up early before sunrise, drink lukewarm water, and perform Yoga for at least 15 minutes (beginners) and 30 minutes (intermediate and above)
  • Have a light breakfast and take a bath by adding one spoon of curd/yoke. Then, chant the name of your beloved god three times.
  • Now you can follow the whole day as a normal routine.
  • Before going to bed again, chant your deity’s name 11 times; perform this for at least 3 months, and see the differences.

 5 Alternate ways of solutions

There are many solutions. Here we are describing the best 5 alternate ways and remedies on how to pray when under spiritual attack:

  1. Palmistry: is one of the ancient ways to know facts and details about the future and make predictions. In this process, a Palmist will read the lines of your hand and, according to the connections, create a detailed nail point called Kundli. But we have to be careful because many fake Palmists are looting people in the name of solutions.
  2. Tarot card reader: Tarot card reading is a traditional way to get solutions and is common in many countries. Always check the user feedback before visiting a reader. A tarot card consists of several cards, each with its own features and predictions. The zodiac signs and DOB also matter when someone visits a Tarot reader.
  3. Astrologer: They are considered the best of all. An astrologer will rectify your DOB and time and, as per that, read the status of the solar system during your birth. Lots of calculations and possibilities are considered during the prediction of a user in astrology.
  4. Religious activity: Each religion has a specific way of dealing with bad times. People always consider visiting the church, temple, or mosque and talking with the priest for solutions.
  5. Do nothing: Yes, you heard it right; sometimes, when people realize that the time is sensitive then and think on how to pray when under spiritual attack, they have to be more discipline during this time. Waking up before sunrise having a meal before 7 pm, and chanting and praying to your beloved god are some of the simple processes that can be performed on a daily basis.

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