Jeffree Star Ex Boyfriend Nate | Where is he now?

There must be a lot of makeup enthusiasts who must be aware of Jeffrey. But what happened to Jeffree Star ex boyfriend Nate? If you are curious to know, then don’t worry, as you are in the right place. Well-known for both his music and makeup artistry, let’s learn more about him.

In this article, we will see Jeffree’s details and his ex-boyfriend’s details. This article will also cover his achievements and the controversies he was involved in, so let us begin. You will also get to know about his ex-boyfriend’s biography as well.

Who is Jeffree Star?

Jeffree is a well-known makeup artist, songwriter, and singer born in the United States. In addition, he is well-known online and has a YouTube channel with many subscribers. He is famous for his artistic makeup application and cosmetics business.

Before we get to know about Jeffree Star ex boyfriend, Nate, let us see the bio-data of this personality, who has garnered a lot of fans for his makeup skills. Star also released an album that featured Nicki Minaj. He works as a fashion designer as well.

Jeffree Star’s cosmetic company lost its partnership with Morphe, why?

Biography of Jeffrey Lynn Steininger

Full NameJeffrey Lynn Steininger
Birth Date15th November 1985
 Net worth$200 million
Weight58 kgs
Relationship StatusCurrently single
Famous forMakeup artist, Songwriter, etc.
Spouse/ Boyfriend His previous boyfriend was Nate.
EducationHe studied and graduated in California.

Early Life

It is with his mother’s makeup that Star first started doing makeup. It was then that he first started experimenting. Star also used to go to clubs through fake IDs where the celebrities used to hire him for their makeup work. After schooling, he changed his name and took various jobs, including musical works. In addition, Star persuaded his mother to apply makeup while he was in school.


  • Jeffrey is a renowned makeup artist and also owns a cosmetic studio.
  • With over 15 million subscribers, Star has a YouTube channel.
  • In 2005, he was featured and had a music career. 
  • To promote his music, Jeffree also went on many world tours.
  • He was ranked as the most popular independent artist on MySpace.


Jeffree made some remarks which caused him to be criticized. Star was also criticized for a few of his racist comments, which he made while he was on MySpace. He was also in the news that he paid about $10000 to quiet his accusers. In addition to the issues above, Star faced allegations of making lewd remarks. Star’s affiliation with the Nazis was another point of contention.

Who is Jeffree Star ex boyfriend Nate?

Jeffree’s ex-boyfriend was Nate. The couple broke up, and it was revealed in one of his videos on YouTube. The reason, specifically, was, however, not stated. Apart from being known as Star’s boyfriend is also a skateboard professional.

Nate owns a business in Marijuana. Even Star’s personal assistant made remarks on their split, claiming that despite Star believing he was his soul mate, their relationship had soured.

Biography of Nathan Schwandt

Full NameNathan Schwandt
Date of BirthNate was born in 1993, on August 18th.
Net Worth$5000000
Weight75 kgs
Relationship StatusCurrently, he is dating.
Famous forHe is a skater and also Jeffree’s ex-boyfriend.
SpouseThe details are unavailable.
EducationData is not available about his education.


  • Nate is a skilled skateboarder.
  • Nathan also has a business in Marijuana.
  • Schwandt was also in charge of logistics while working in Jeffree’s cosmetic company. 


Thus, after the couple broke up, there were many rumors that he left Star for a woman. However, he shut down the rumors.

Additionally, there were rumors concerning Nate, including the idea that he was having multiple relations with girls. This is all we could find about the controversies in which Nate was involved. Do come back, as we will update this article if we find any new information. 

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