Mia Thornton Boyfriend Who is this Mystery Man

Mia Thornton Boyfriend | Who is this Mystery Man?

Belonging to Washington, DC, let us see about Mia Thornton Boyfriend in this article. The readers must be aware of the fact that Mia is not only an entrepreneur but also an owner of a franchise. If you are curious about her current relationship status, continue reading this article.

In this article, we will see Mia, her achievements, the various controversies, if any, and other details. This article will also provide insights about her relationship status and the details of her boyfriend, so let us begin.

Who is Mia Thornton?

Before we know about Mia Thornton Boyfriend, let us see about Mia Thornton. Mia appeared on a TV show which began in 2008. Residing in Maryland, Mia is a multi-talented personality who has received her education from an institute in the United States of America. She later started her career as a director of a clinic in California.

Apart from directing the clinic, she partnered with the Fortune 500. Gordon Thornton was her spouse, and together they had three children. Mia also sponsors social causes.


Let us see other details about Mia in this section of the article before we find out more about Mia Thornton Boyfriend.

Full NameMia Thornton
Date of Birth25th November 1984.
Net WorthHer net worth is estimated to be about $5 million.
Height1.68 m
WeightMia weighs 57 kg.
NationalityShe is an American
Relationship StatusDivorced from Gordon, Mia is in a new relationship.
Famous forIn reality shows like The Real, Let’s Talk Live, etc., she acted and is an entrepreneur.
SpouseShe got divorced from Gordon.
EducationMia graduated from Southeastern Institute.

Let us see about her early life before we get more details on Mia Thornton Boyfriend.

Early Life

In this section of the article, let us see about her career. Mia is the regional developer of in Washington as well as Maryland. She is a businesswoman and also a director of a clinic. Apart from being featured on The Real Housewives of Potomac, she has acted in other reality shows.

With a net worth of $5 million, Mia had three children with Gordon, who is currently divorced. Not only is the couple divorced, but they both have an age gap of 32 years.


  • In the year 2021, Mia appeared on many reality shows.
  • In addition to running her own business, Mia oversees a clinic.
  • She is also the CEO of a hair company.
  • Mia is also a regional developer.

Let us now see about her controversies.


If you are wondering about the controversies that Mia could have been involved in, do not worry; we’ve got that covered for you. In this part of the article, we will see the controversies revolving around this American actress, an entrepreneur.

Mia is divorced from her husband, Gordon, and there has been a controversy about her marrying him for the sake of money. She was called as being a gold digger. These were a few of the controversies about Mia. Do come back, as we will update this article once we find out more about her controversies. 

Who is Mia Thornton Boyfriend?

We have tried to find information about Mia’s new boyfriend; however, the name and other details regarding his biography are unavailable. The actress has been tight-lipped about her new relationship.

Mia only stated that she was in a new relationship and was not yet committed. There were statements about her divorce, too, where she requested everyone to respect their privacy.

Biography of Gordon Thornton

Full NameGordon Thornton
Year of BirthHe was born in 1952.
Birth Date17th March
ChildrenTogether, Mia and him are parents to three kids.
SpouseGordon was married to Mia.
Known forHe owns Massage Envy and was married to businesswoman Mia.
EducationThe details regarding his education are unknown.


We will see about Gordon’s achievements in this section of the article. We have researched, and there isn’t much information available about him. He was, however, in the news for many reasons.

We request the readers to return as we will update this article as soon as we learn more about him.


Though there isn’t much data about Gordon, there is some information about the controversies that he has been in. It was stated recently that Gordon was divorced as Mia wanted to marry someone younger than her.

Not only that, it was also said that the reason was to earn more money as he was in a financial crisis, which was stated as a reason for their divorce.

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