Princess Mae ex-Boyfriend Christopher Wontons

Princess Mae ex-Boyfriend | Reason for Break-up?

Are you curious about why Princess Mae ex-boyfriend Chris brokeup? They crashed the internet about splitting up a few months ago, which was the talk of the town.

She is  the sister of Bretman Rock who was an insipiration to her to start her YouTube Channel. With the content she has been posting and making, Mae has become an internet sensation. She gained popularity very quickly through her unique and wondeful content that entertained the viewers.

In 2015, she was featured in her brother’s channel through a challenge video. Later, her interest in video making spiked which led to the launch of her YouTube channel and she evolved to be a famous influencer on Instagram by posting gripping and exciting content.

People enjoyed watching and loved her personal life, her fashion, and a peek into her everyday life. She is one of the most hardworking influencers who always made it possible for her viewers to enjoy what she posted.

She is one of the influencers to have more than 1 million following on Instagram and 90 thousand plus YouTube family. She 4 children, whose fathers have not been known to the world, but Chris is the father of her child Ezeikel. This did not stop her from continuing her career, and is an inspiration to everyone in the world for her hard work and dedication.


As you now know about Princess Mae, we have provided you with some personal information about her.

Full name  Princess May Sacayanan
Date of Birth  27th May 2000
Net Worth  $5 Million
Height  74 kg
Weight  5’5 feet
Nationality  American
Relationship StatusTaken
Famous for  Instagram and YouTube videos
Spouse                                     Tony Gaisoa
Education  James Campbell High School, Hawaii

Early life/career

Mae is 23 years and was given birth in the country of Philippines on 27th May 2000. Before becoming a star on Instagram, her schooling was from the James Campbell High School.

She starred in her brother’s video, which ignited a thought of becoming an influencer and content creator. She worked hard on her videos which was about fashion and her day to day routines, and chose Instagram as the platform to showcase them to public.

Initially, her follower count was small figures, but later, by creating interesting videos, her viewers increased rapidly, and currently, she has a huge follower count, and she is a member of the 1 million followers club.

Later, her interest peaked in the  the modeling industry where she worked with various producers. As per reports, Mae has planned to enter Hollywood to act in films.


In 2015, Princess Mae began influencing people on social media and was given the title star on Instagram. Her current followers number reaches as hi than a million followers on Instagram. She started her YouTube, Mae&Bae, with over a million subscribers. She also participated in a beauty pageant in 2018.


The internet was set ablaze with Mae and ex-boyfriend splitting up. There were allegations all over the internet that the two broke up due to fights where Mae was abused by Chris physically.

Some videos surfaced on TikTok where Chris was seen abusing Princess Mae physically. However, why Chris abused Mae and the real reason for the break up is still unknown. However, her followers supported her during such difficult times.

About Princess Mae ex-boyfriend

Chris Wontons and Mae were together for a very long time. They even gave birth to a child in 2020 who was named Ezeikel. Chris Wontons is an entrepreneur who started his own business and also invests in businesses.

He launched his own YouTube channel and is recognised as a social media personality . Chris has less Instagram and YouTube reach compared to Mae. Nevertheless, he has  close to 345k followers on Instagram and 6k subscribers on YouTube.

He was born in March 1999 and $500 thousand net worth. Before starting his own company, Chris was a part of the men’s footwear and apparel industry.

Bio of Christopher Wontons (Ex)

Full name  Christopher Wontons
Date of Birth  16th March 1999
Net worth  $500,000
Height  Unavailable in the public domain
Weight  Unavailable in the public domain
Nationality  American

What is Christopher Wontons now?

Chris is currently an entrepreneur and investor. Along with this,  he is also a content creator on Instagram and YouTube. He posts videos and entertains his followers by giving an insight into his life, creating videos on fashion and modeling. His fashion and modeling videos intrigued the viewers, and this helped him gain followers and expand his reach.  


Chris Wontons has gained popularity and became famous through his YouTube videos. His videos were about fashion, styling, and modeling. His unique fashion sense and a sneak peek of  his everyday life gained him followers and subscribers.


Chris Wontons faced a lot of hatred, negativity for allegations of physical abuse towards his ex -girlfriend Mae. There were allegations against him that he had hurt her physically and mentally, which indeed led to their breakup.

However, he denied all the allegations by first blaming Princess Mae for attacking him. Various videos surfaced on the TikTok. However, there is no confirmation as to what exactly had happened.

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