Suraj Kundanlal Awatramani Net Worth | Orry’s Father?

What is Suraj Kundanlal Awatramani net worth? After Orry became an internet sensation, many of us wanted to know his background and what he does for his lifestyle. His father, Suraj, is a businessman. 

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In many of his interviews, this star claimed that he is not into any profession and loves to party. That took over the internet, and many of us wonder what made him what he is today. This star is always seen flaunting the most expensive outfits, cars, shoes, and jewelry, making our readers search for Suraj Kundanlal Awatramani, known as Orry’s father, and his net worth. 

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Suraj is a business owner of hotels, liquor marts, and real estate businesses. There are not many things to know about him on the internet, but as per some reliable sources, he belongs to a wealthy family, and this 50-year-old man runs a big business in Mumbai.


Full nameSuraj kundanlal Awatramani
Date of Birth1973
Suraj kundanlal Awatramani net worth2-3 Crore
Famous forAs Orry’s father
FamilyShenaz Amartramni, Kabir Amartramni, Orhan Amartramni

About Suraj K. Awatramani’s business

As per what we gathered through our research, Surja K owns many businesses in real estate, hotels, and liquor stores. Mr Awatramani belongs to a wealthy family and is a second-generation rich man who could afford to raise a liver and give him a lifestyle that is no less than any Bollywood celebrity. He belongs to Mumbai and runs many businesses in different states. Mr.Awatramani has two sons, Orry Awartramani, whose names are Orhan and Kabir Awartramani.

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Who is Suraj Awatramani son?

Kabir is the elder son, and Orhan Awartramani is the youngest son of Suraj K Awartramani. There are many articles about this star, and we assure you that whenever you open the internet, you cannot miss out on his interviews and Instagram reels. This star took over the internet in one night by appearing with celebrity and actress Jahnvi Kapoor after he appeared with many celebrities, including Kylie Jenner. 

Who is Orry Awatramani?

  • The internet has been flooded with this new face whose background was hidden from audiences for a long. But after he appeared to give interviews, many people couldn’t stop themselves from searching for him. Orry has always been seen wearing luxurious brands and living the life of many prominent celebrities. 
  • In a recent interview, when asked about his lifestyle and what gets him his livelihood and luxury, he said, “He is living” and not dedicated to any particular work or profession. These star interviews are hilarious and have been made many memes and templates. 
  • After successfully making names online, Orry has appeared in many television shows like “Big Boss.” After gaining huge success, this star has been seen endorsing many big brands like shopping sites and many more. 
  • Orry’s one-liners have made headlines in many entertainment newspapers and magazines, and people can’t hold themselves from searching. What makes this liver live his life so luxuriously? Per the recent statement by Orhan, he charges 20 to 30 lakhs for giving poses and clicking pictures on many occasions. 
  • Orry gets invited to significant events to appear for a few minutes and charges a hefty amount. This star currently owns five managers and has invested in many businesses. We are sure this celebrity has zero haters because of his genuineness and unintentionally being funny. 
  • Orhan Amartramni had made headlines in the Financial Express for his luxurious lifestyle and possessions. As per the sources and following daily internet content, we have not seen Orry doing anything else other than partying. Many big gatherings seem incomplete without him, and paps love capturing him. 

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Full nameOrhan Awatramani
Date of Birth2 August 1999
Orry Awatramani net worth2-8 crores
Relationship statusSingle
Famous forAppearing with celebrities
EducationGraduation in fine arts


Suraj Kundanlal Awatramani net worth

2-3 crore 

Suraj Awatramani family

He has a family of Four. Shenaz Amartramni is his wife, Kabir is the eldest son, and Orry is the youngest son. 

What is Orry Awatramani’s net worth?

2-8 crores

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