Rachel Sennott Ex-Boyfriend – A Comedian, who is he?

Who is Rachel Sennott ex-boyfriend? Rachel Sennott is a famous personality in the American acting and comedy industry known for her extraordinary film, television, and comedy work. Stavros Halkias was the guy she dated earlier, know more about him below.

She was born and brought up in Simsbury, Connecticut, and is in public attention because of her performances in various comedy roles in TV and film projects. By showcasing her talent in different television series like “High Maintenance,” etc Rachel got a film named Shiva Baby (Watch it). In addition, she has been active in the comedy industry by performing stand-ups in New York City, among other things. Rachel Sennott continues to distinguish herself as a rising talent in the entertainment world, gaining praise for her severe and comic parts work.


Full NameRachel Anne Sennott
Net worth$300000
Height1.82 metres
BoyfriendLogan Miller
Famous forActing and stand-up comedy
EducationSimsbury High School, New York University

Career (Rachel Anne Sennott)

  • Rachel started her career in 2018 with a hit series, High Maintenance, followed by a role in the sitcom Call Your Mother. 
  • Following this, she started developing the Comedy Central series, which started its official airing on the network in 2020 and also starred in movies like Tahara and Shiva Baby in the year 2020. 
  • Her performances have so far been well-praised. Shiva Baby was a breakthrough in her acting career as she got a series of offers from the American film industry. 
  • Rachel also appeared in the movie called “Bodies Bodies Bodies” and shared the screen with Emma Seligman as well as Ayo Edebiri in a comedy movie, “Bottoms.”
  • Rachel decided to focus on her comedy career by creating her programs, such as “Puke Fest,” and she was listed as one of the six “Best Comedians of the Alt Scene” in 2019.
  • Among Rachel’s most popular clips were two about a young woman preoccupied with babies and a pin on Los Angeles film culture. Rachel adds that she was able to get more in-person engagements as a result of her consistent social media presence, particularly on Twitter.


Breakthrough Performance Shiva BabyGreater Western New York Film- Critics Association Awards2021
Best Actress- Shiva BabyBruin Film Society Awards2021


Sennott’s career and public perception have not been significantly impacted by any of the scandals that have occurred during the time she was renowned for her work in Comedy, television, and cinema.

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Who is Rachel Sennott ex-boyfriend? 

  • Rachel Sennott has been seen publicly with Stavros Halkias, and they were linked together in 2020. However, neither of them confirmed their relationship. 
  • Halkias is also a renowned comedian and writer and has also appeared on shows like “Saturday Night Live” and “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” He is famous as a host of the podcast “Red Scare.”
  • Stavros Halkias is a stand-up comedian who has performed in comedy clubs and theaters around the United States. 
  • His humorous approach is frequently characterized by observational Comedy, self-deprecation, and compelling narrative.
  • While Halkias has yet to have a prominent acting career, he has focused chiefly on humor through podcasts, live performances, and other comic outlets.
  • Stavros Halkias, known for his laid-back personality and open approach to Comedy, continues to develop his position in the comedy scene and has garnered a following that appreciates his humor and humorous talents.

Bio (Rachel Sennott ex-boyfriend)

Full NameStavros Halkias
Net worth$ 1 million
Weight280 kg
Famous forStand-up Comedy and acting
EducationBaltimore Polytechnique Institute University of Maryland, Baltimore County


Through his stand-up comedy shows, podcasts, and appearances on many comedy platforms, Halkias has amassed a devoted following. He frequently uses observational Comedy and self-deprecating humor in his writing. The most well-known role of Halkias is that he co-hosted the Cum Town podcast from 2016 till his departure in 2022. He and Sam Morril have co-hosted the Pod Don’t Lie basketball podcast since 2019.


Stavros Halkias, a well-known comedian, actor, and podcaster, gained notoriety for his humorous performances and services to the entertainment business as of January 2022, when I last updated my information. He hadn’t been a part of any big scandals that had affected his reputation or job at all at that point.

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