Bianca Manalo ex husband

Bianca Manalo ex husband | A Senator, Politician, who is he?

Bianca Manalo ex husband is a senator from the Philippines named Sherwin, but he is a businessman by profession. But whom Bianca is dating now, get insight details.

In this article, we will not only see about him and his achievements but also his ex-wife. Bianca is known for the title which she won for her beauty. This article will give you insights into her personal life, and you will get to know her autobiography, including her ex-husband’s. If she is involved in any controversies, the same shall also be covered in this article, so let us begin.


Full NamePamela Bianca Ramos Manalo
Date of BirthShe was born in 1986 on 28th November.
Bianca Net WorthThough the exact figure has yet to be discovered, it is estimated to be around 1 to $5 million.
HeightPamela is 5 feet tall.
WeightHer weight is 58 kg.
NationalityAs she hails from the Philippines, she is a Filipino.
Relationship StatusIt is rumored that she is dating Sherwin Gatchalian.
Famous forApart from winning a beauty pageant, she is also an actress.
SpouseCurrently, Manalo is not married.
EducationHer education was completed at an educational institution in San Lorenzo.

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Before we find out about Bianca Manalo ex husband, let us look into the details of her career. Before Manalo achieved a feat in the Philippines acting industry and won the beauty titles, she worked as an attendant on a flight.

Manalo completed her education in advertising and secured a degree in the same field. She started acting in 2011 and will be acting even in the coming year by playing the role of Olgana. Pamela was also nominated for her skills on TV.


  • In 2009, Pamela won the Filipinas Universe title.
  • Bianca also represented her hometown in 2009 when the title was won by over.
  • Not only did Manalo act in movies, but she also showcased her skills in TV series as well.
  • Pamela has a YouTube channel with 53k subscribers.


Let us see the controversies that Pamela was involved in before you get more insights about Bianca Manalo ex husband.

  • Manalo was involved in a controversy that also involved her co-star Rob Gomez. There were screenshots from their conversation that did rounds online alleging that they were in an affair.
  • This was the latest controversy, and Pamela cleared the air, stating how everyone misinterpreted the situation and that they were just friends exchanging gifts for Christmas.
  • It was also revealed to her that the information online was incomplete and in parts.

About Bianca Manalo ex husband

In this section of the article, let us see who is her ex-husband. According to our research, Pamela dated a few guys, but she was never married, thus making it clear that there is no ex-husband. Bianca didn’t marry, and she didn’t divorce anyone.

There are, however, rumors going on about her being in a relationship with Sherwin, who is a senator. To find out more about him, continue reading this article.


Full NameSherwin Ting Gatchalian
Birth DateTing, also known as Win, was born on 6th April 1974.
Net WorthHis net worth is estimated to be around $200 million.
HeightThe senator is 168 cm.
WeightIt is approximated to be about 80 kg.
NationalityEven Gatchalian is a Filipino.

Where is Sherwin now?

Sherwin has been in politics since 2016 when he took up the role of a Senator in the Philippines, and he has been since. Not only is Win a politician, but he is also into business. He was a representative for four years, from 2001 to 2004 and 2013 to 2016. Carrying the role of a congressman, he resides in the Philippines and is currently present there.


  • Win has been a congressman since 2016.
  • Gatchalian entered politics in 2001, and after that, he joined NPC, the National People’s Coalition.
  • He became the representative of the district of Valenzuela.
  • The Best Mayor award was also won by him in 2008.


We have seen so far that Bianca Manalo ex husband is no one as she hasn’t married yet. Pamela has, however, been in the news for dating Win. Let us see if there are any controversies that he is involved in.

When Pamela was involved in the controversy that involved Rob, her co-star, when asked about it, he said, “No comments.” Win hasn’t been in any specific controversies; however, we request the readers to come back as we will update this article if we find anything about his controversies.

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