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HaleyyBaylee Boyfriend | An American footballer?

This article talks about HayleyyBaylee boyfriend and her personal life. To gain additional insights into her life, fortune, and relationships, read to the end.

About Haleyy

HaleyyBaylee, a 31-year-old runway model from the United States, has been all over the internet for her famous vlogs and viral TikToks. She is distinguished for modeling, social media appearances, and viral recreational videos.

She blazed a trail in the modeling and fashion realm by becoming the face of reputable sports and leisure brands. HaleyyBaylee has also modeled for famous fashion houses such as Wilhelmina, which helped her gain more offers.

Before gaining popularity and becoming an online sensation, HaleyyBaylee contested beauty pageants and bagged many tiles, such as the Miss Teen Minnesota 2010. This is a turning point in HaleyyBaylee’s life as she was offered opportunities to collaborate with diverse brands and be the face of popular brands.

Bio (Haley Baylee)

Real name  Haley Baylee Kalil
Profession  Model, Social media star
Date of Birth  6th August 1992
Net Worth  $ 5 million
Height  5 ft 8 inches
Weight  55 kgs
Nationality  American
Spouse  Matt Kalil
Famous for  Vlogs and social media videos

About the healthy lifestyle of HaleyyBaylee

HaleyyBaylee, through her social media, influences people not just about fashion choices but also teaches them about healthy lifestyles and habits. Her healthy routine and choices inspire and motivate her followers, which makes them want to follow her more.

She posts her food choices, workout regimes, diet plans, and everyday routines on her TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, motivating her followers to live a healthy lifestyle like her.

What is HaleyyBaylee’s net worth, and what does he do for a living?

As per reports, HaleyyBaylee’s net worth in 2023 was $5 million. She amassed riches through the content she uploaded on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Apart from social media, HaleyyBaylee is also the face of many brands that have joined her with rapid ascent in modeling. Her victory in the beauty pageant in 2010 led to the opportunity for HaleyyBaylee to work with a swim league. This marked the commencement of her career in the fashion and modeling sector.

Early life/career

  • HaleyyBaylee, a Minnesota native, completed her primary and secondary education in the state and graduated with a degree in psychology and biology from Minnesota State College.
  • Commencing her modeling journey in 2009, HaleyyBaylee faced initial setbacks, narrowly missing the top spot in the Minnesota pageant. Undeterred, she persevered, dedicating herself to the competition, and eventually triumphed as Miss Teen Minnesota 2010 through her relentless efforts.
  • Securing a position with a sports brand propelled her into the limelight within the modeling and fashion sector. This transformative swim shoot proved to be a pivotal moment, opening doors to a plethora of additional opportunities.
  • With these opportunities and experience, HaleyyBaylee also started her influencer journey and is continuing to entertain people through her videos and content.


Claiming the title of Miss Teen Minnesota in 2010, HaleyyBaylee has charted an impressive trajectory in her professional journey. Transitioning from a role as a lab technician to a flourishing modeling career, she has garnered attention even from renowned publications like Gazia, gracing the cover of this globally acclaimed magazine.

Boasting an impressive social media following, HaleyyBaylee commands a substantial audience with 4 billion followers on YouTube and a TikTok family of 6 million. As one of the leading models, she stands out for her substantial and loyal fan base.


HaleyyBaylee has not been involved in many controversies. However, her recent controversy about her divorce with Matt Kalil is over the web. Apart from this, she was also criticized for her choices in life and was given negative labels.

Who is HaleyyBaylee boyfriend?

Matt Kalil, an NFL player, has been a part of the National Football League and is romantically linked with HaleyyBaylee. He entered marital bliss with a renowned model and social media influencer in the year 2015. Here are some details about HaleyyBaylee’s boyfriend that are important to the readers.

Bio (Ex)

Full name  Matthew Francis Kalil
Date of birth  6th July 1999
Profession  Football player
Net worth  $23.1 million
Height  6 feet 6 inch
Weight  134 kg
Nationality  American

What does he do for a living?

HaleyyBaylee’s boyfriend, Matt Kalil, is a professional football player who has also been ranked in Forbes’ World’s Highest Paid Athletes. Initially, he started playing for the Minnesota Vikings, but later, she signed a $55 million contract with the Carolina Panthers. He is a renowned footballer in the United States who established himself in the league and currently has a net worth of $23.1 million.


Matt Kalil started football by playing for the college team while studying in California. While playing for his college team, he was honored with First-Team-All-Pac-12 in the year 2011. This led to his selection in the National Football League, and the Minnesota Vikings took him.

His performance and tackling impressed the selectors, leading to his Pro Bowl selection. Later, he also signed a five-year contract with the California Panthers, gaining him an enormous amount and a prominent position in the football team.


HaleyyBaylee’s boyfriend was not involved in many controversies; however, he was all over the news during his divorce with the model and social media star. Her Instagram stories and social media posts put the football player in a tough spot. Apart from this, the football player was in the limelight during his early years of career when it was a tough road for him to establish himself on the football field.

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